552 pages, countless failures

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Join our book release party, 28.10. in Cologne!

It took 3 years, a lot of nerves (and quite a few failed funding applications), but the F.A.I. book is finally here!

FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL: COLLECTED CONFESSIONS features handwritten confessions by failed artists collected around the world, from New York to Minsk.
552 pages, countless failures.

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Our book, “Collected Confessions”, full of inspiring stories of failure and despair, is coming this year and will be published by  nnbuch*.

It features more than 250 handwritten confessions answering the question – “why are you a failed artists?”, collected during public interventions at festivals, museums and galleries in Germany, Austria, Israel, Belarus & USA.

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Join us for a special streaming event, 16.4.2020, 20:30

A very special one-time official exclusive streaming broadcast event by FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL — thanks to Alain Bieber/ART WILL SAVE US for the invitation!

Stream on Youtube, starting 20:30 (CET)

Have you failed? Artistically, economically, does your mommy like your art?

With more than 300 proud members from New York to Minsk, FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL is the leading network for failed artists. Our streaming event will feature a reading of failed artists’ confessions from an upcoming book, providing many inspiring stories of misstep, downfall, defeat and fiasco.

Get ready to be disappointed!