We are part of the “Expanded Book” exhibition in Hamburg!

We are super excited to add our documents of failure to this exhibition of artists books. Our upcoming book featuring failed artists confessions from Minsk to New York City will be on display.

Artists: Vera Drebusch · Florian Egermann · Niklas Hausser & Philip Gaißer
Jan Hoeft · Karin Kraemer · Ben Nurgenç · Gosia Machon · Phillipp Meuser
Kaja Meyer · Nikita Michelsen · Johanna Reich · Shai Yehezkelli

invited by Vera Drebusch & Karin Kraemer

Opening: 7..8. 2020, 19:00
Exhibition: 8.-23.8. 2020, Sat+ Sun: 14:00-18:00

Künstlerhaus Sootbörn
Sootbörn 22
22453 Hamburg

Exhibition website

All photos: Vera Drebusch

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