The leading network for failed artists

FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL is an intervention that enables a critical, yet playful discussion of (artistic) failure. To become a failed artist, applicants are required to fill out an application form and confess their failure. If accepted, they will receive the membership button – and join the community of more than 300 certified failed artists. The intervention is usually followed by a public talk/panel discussion “How to become a FAILED ARTIST” featuring all the new members.

Founded in 2017 by Florian Egermann, F.A.I. has been featured at festivals, art galleries and museums in Germany, USA, Israel, Belarus and Austria.

How to become  a failed artist

Here at FAILED ARTIST INTERNATIONAL, we pride ourselves on a tough application process: Only personally certified failed artists are allowed in the “club”. No admission to the club is possible without a proper face-to-face application interview. But then, the process is really quick: You can become a failed artist in just 5 Minutes!

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What is so great about failing?

Many people working in the creative field and especially the arts feel the need to project an aura of success, making an honest discussion about artistic and economic challenges almost impossible.

FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL aims to change that through an humorous bureaucratic act: You have to apply to get access to the exclusive Club of „Failed Artists“.

We, the FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL, are here to discuss all the wonderful ways of failing.