552 pages, countless failures

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Join our book release party, 28.10. in Cologne!

It took 3 years, a lot of nerves (and quite a few failed funding applications), but the F.A.I. book is finally here!

FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL: COLLECTED CONFESSIONS features handwritten confessions by failed artists collected around the world, from New York to Minsk.
552 pages, countless failures.

It will be published by the wonderful people at nnbuch, and we are super happy to invite you to the release party:

28.10.22, 19:00 at IDYLL, Trimbornstr. 7, 51105 Cologne
(additional opening hours: 29.10.22, 11:00-19:00 & 30.10.22, 11:00-19:00)

Text [EN] / Jeremy Bailey
Photography / Alexandra Reichart, Florian Egermann, Golnaz Bashiri, Philip Egermann, Reut Shemesh and many more
Layout / Florian Egermann

Edition of 100, signed and numbered
12 x 17 cm, 552 pages
Softcover, Embossing, Swiss brochure with open thread stitching, digital print

ISBN 978-3-948628-06-2
nomen nominandum buch, Bremen [ nn-buch.de ]

Kindly supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds & Neustart Kultur


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