Events 3

We dove into the NERD-World at C34C3, the annual hacker-festival by the CCC. Hosted by 1Komona, we had both our sign-up-booth and a fruitful group discussion about the joy of failing. Thanks to Kathia von Roth.

Gold+Beton Ebertplatz

Events 5

Ebertplatz is the most vibrant art spot in Cologne, so it wasonly fitting that the first FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL event in the home town of the founder took place there, by invitiation of Gold+Beton. Thanks to Meryem Erkus.

Schmiede 18

Events 8

We were super excited to return to the place where it all started: FAILED ARTISTS INTERNATIONAL at Schmiede – Playground for Ideas in Hallein, Austria.
Thanks to all the smiths who made the first anniversary so special!